Patient Resources

Acupressure in Childbirth – A useful downloadable booklet by Debra Betts.

Make your own Congee – An excellent resource to get you started making congee, by Rebecca Erlewein. – The website of Chris Chappel, an excellent teacher of qigong, internal martial arts and meditation in Brick Lane (East London, UK). – The website of the Da Kuai Academy – the tai chi and qigong school of Adrian Murray based in London (UK).

The Association for Traditional StudiesThe website of Andrew Nugent-Head, an international teacher and practitioner of Chinese medicine, qigong and Yin Style Bagua who has dedicated his life to learning, documenting and transmitting the unparalleled skills and knowledge of several ‘Laoshi’ (old Chinese teachers).

Burgs – The Art of Meditation: the SoundCloud track listing of a very good meditation teacher – highly recommended.

Qigong – A solid introduction to qigong practice by Peter Deadman.

Healing Sounds Qigong – A very old, very useful qigong set that can be used to treat disease and keep the body healthy.


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