Breathing for healing

Iere there is an inscription on the sand "Breathe Deeeply".

I find myself speaking to so many patients about the importance of breathing, I thought I would collect the basics on this short blog post.

If you want to find out about the basic science of breathing properly, the best place to start reading is here (an excellent Journal of Chinese Medicine article by Peter Deadman). The best place to start viewing is here (a public talk on the same subject by Peter Deadman).

In terms of books, The Healing Power of the Breath is an excellent place to start, and the publisher has put up the audio files of the guided breathing practices on their website.

For patients with high blood pressure, see here for details of a breathing practice approved by the FDA in America to lower blood pressure, although the basic practice is essentially the same as above.

There are plenty of breathing Apps available for smart-phones, which guide breathing practice in a variety of ways. I particularly like the use of tones – the app plays a higher tone for the in-breath and a lower tone for the out-breath. See here for some examples.

If you can develop a daily practice of deep, slow breathing, it will provide significant health benefits.

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